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Kris Kringle, better known as Santa Claus, is the only bloke who gets away with home invasion and cookie theft every year.

He’s basically a bearded celebrity who works one night a year, gets all the credit for your parents’ hard work, and somehow still manages to look jolly despite a diet of nothing but milk and biscuits.

Kris Kringle, raised in the middle of nowhere at the North Pole, had a pretty unique upbringing. Picture this: a jolly old guy surrounded by elves and magical reindeer, like some sort of festive fantasy camp.

For a living, he’s got the best gig ever—sneaks into your house once a year, leaves you presents, and nicks your cookies. All the while, he gets praised as a hero. Seriously, it’s the ultimate work-from-home job with zero accountability!

Kris Kringle’s social life? Oh, it’s a laugh. The guy spends most of his year hanging out with elves and talking to reindeer—let’s be honest, not exactly the most riveting company.

His big night out is Christmas Eve, where he gets to see people for about five seconds each, but they’re all asleep! Imagine that for a social life—your best mates are tiny workers and animals, and your biggest party is a solo round-the-world trip.

Alright, let’s talk about Kris Kringle, the ultimate travel guide.

Kris can barely hold down his job at, where he pretends to author articles about all the famous Christmas Markets in the USA and thinks he’s a travel guide just because he has the best frequent flyer miles in history.

He hits every country in one night without a single delay or lost luggage. Imagine that! His mode of travel? A sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. Yeah, you heard me right—flying reindeer.

Forget first-class; this is next-level. And his itinerary? The most exclusive house party tour ever, popping into homes worldwide. Just be ready with milk and cookies, or you might end up on the naughty list.

Our History
“Coca-Cola turns me into a chubby bloke in a red suit – now I’m basically the world’s most famous delivery man”
Kris Kringle
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Why Book With Christmas Markets USA


Escape the Usual Madness

Let’s be honest, your local mall’s Santa is probably some bloke who had too much mulled wine. With Kris Kringle, you get the real deal. No more awkward photos with a grumpy guy in a fake beard. You deserve better!


Epic Food and Drinks

Ever tried authentic German bratwurst or Belgian waffles? No, I’m not talking about the sad versions you get at theme parks. These markets have the good stuff. And don’t even get me started on the hot chocolate and glühwein. It’s like heaven in a cup.


Perfect Instagram Material

Look, we all know you need more followers. What better way to boost your social media game than with picturesque scenes of twinkling lights, snow-dusted stalls, and maybe even a cheeky selfie with Kris Kringle himself? Plus, your mates will be well jealous.