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Top 10 Christmas Markets in Oregon: Best Festive Experiences

Oregon is known for its vibrant holiday traditions. Nothing captures the spirit of the season quite like its Christmas markets. These festive events offer an array of unique gifts, delicious treats, and joyful experiences for the entire family.

You can explore charming stalls, savor holiday snacks, and even meet Santa Claus in person.

Colorful stalls line the streets, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations. The air is filled with the scent of hot cocoa and cinnamon as people browse for unique gifts and enjoy live music

Are you wondering where to find the best Christmas markets in Oregon this year? We have compiled a list of the top 10 markets that you won’t want to miss. From stunning light displays to artisan crafts, every market has something special to offer. Get ready to dive into the magic of Oregon’s holiday season.

1) Portland Christmas Market

The Portland Christmas Market is bustling with festive stalls, twinkling lights, and joyful carolers. A towering Christmas tree stands at the center, surrounded by vendors selling handcrafted gifts and delicious holiday treats

Nestled in the heart of Portland, the Portland Christmas Market is a must-visit. This market, also known as the Portland Bazaar, has been a holiday staple since 2011. Featuring over 160 vendors, it offers a variety of unique gifts and crafts.

You can find everything from handmade ceramics to locally crafted foods. With custom gift wrapping available, your holiday shopping becomes a breeze. The market also hosts a raffle, with proceeds benefiting a nonprofit.

Held at 1715 NW 17th Ave, the Portland Christmas Market runs from late November through mid-December. The festive atmosphere, combined with local artisans, makes it a vibrant spot to explore.

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect gift or just soaking up the holiday spirit, this market has something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out the special pop-up shops and unique items that make this event so special.

Nov 24 – Dec 17, 20241715 NW 17th Ave10 a.m. – 6 p.m.Free admission

2) Eugene Holiday Bazaar

The Eugene Holiday Bazaar bustles with festive energy, as colorful stalls offer unique gifts and holiday treats. Twinkling lights and cheerful music fill the air, creating a joyful atmosphere for visitors to explore

Step into a winter wonderland at the Eugene Holiday Bazaar. This festive market is a staple for holiday shoppers looking to find unique, handcrafted gifts. Local artisans showcase their talents with a wide variety of products, from jewelry to home decor.

You can also indulge in delicious treats from local food vendors. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savory snacks, there’s something for everyone. The market is great for families, with live performances adding to the festive atmosphere.

Nestled inside the Lane Events Center, the Eugene Holiday Bazaar is cozy and inviting. The indoor setting means you can take your time browsing without worrying about the winter weather outside.

Tables filled with crafts, luscious foods, and holiday decorations line the aisles. You may find that one-of-a-kind item that makes the perfect gift or adds a special touch to your home.

Before you leave, make sure to enjoy one of the live music performances. These shows add a cheerful soundtrack to your shopping experience, making the trip truly memorable.

Nov. 18-19Lane Events Center10 am – 6 pmFree admission
Nov. 24-26796 W. 13th Ave, Eugene, OR10 am – 6 pmFree admission
Dec. 2-3, 9-10, 16-17 10 am – 6 pmFree admission
Dec. 23-24 10 am – 4 pmFree admission

3) Salem Holiday Market at the Fairgrounds

The Salem Holiday Market at the Fairgrounds bustles with festive stalls and twinkling lights, offering a cozy and cheerful atmosphere for visitors to explore and shop

Every year, the Salem Holiday Market at the Fairgrounds brings you a unique festive experience. Held in December, this market takes over both the Jackman Long and Columbia Hall buildings with over 250 vendors.

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You’ll find handmade, handcrafted, and homegrown products. From jewelry to baked goods, there’s something for everyone. The event also features kids’ activities, pet adoptions, and even a gingerbread house contest.

Santa’s Village is a must-visit for kids. They can meet Santa, take pictures, and write letters. It’s an enchanting atmosphere filled with holiday cheer.

Admission to the Salem Holiday Market is free, making it a budget-friendly outing for families. Parking is also free, which is a nice perk. You get the chance to support local artisans while enjoying a fun day out.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find unique gifts and festive treats. The Salem Holiday Market not only offers a wide array of products but also fosters a community spirit.

Event Details

December 9-11, 2024Oregon State Fairgrounds, Columbia Hall BuildingFri: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pmFree
  Sat: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm 
  Sun: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm 

4) Bend Christmas Parade and Market

The Bend Christmas Parade and Market features festive floats and holiday vendors. The market is filled with twinkling lights and colorful decorations, creating a merry atmosphere for visitors to enjoy

The Bend Christmas Parade and Market is a must-visit during the holiday season. This event brings the community together in a vibrant celebration of Christmas spirit.

The parade features a variety of floats, marching bands, and costumed characters. It’s a visual treat and perfect for families with kids.

After the parade, explore the holiday market. You’ll find handcrafted gifts, tasty treats, and festive decorations. Local artisans showcase their best creations, making it a great place to shop for unique Christmas presents.

Warm up with hot chocolate or mulled wine as you browse through the stalls. There’s something special for everyone, whether you’re looking for handmade jewelry, holiday decor, or delicious baked goods.

The event takes place in downtown Bend, ensuring easy access and plenty of parking. It’s the perfect way to get into the holiday mood and support local vendors.

December 2Downtown Bend12:00 PM – 6:00 PMFree

5) Medford Winter Market

The Medford Winter Market is a treat for those who enjoy local charm and festive cheer. Held at the Village at Medford, it offers a cozy atmosphere perfect for family outings or solo adventures.

You’ll find an array of fresh produce, artisan foods, and handcrafted gifts. This market is a great spot to find unique presents and support local vendors.

Open on select dates in late November and throughout December, the Medford Winter Market ensures you have plenty of opportunities to visit. With its festive decor and friendly vendors, it’s a must-visit during the holiday season.

Dates, Address, Times, Prices

Nov 24, Nov 26, Dec 3, Dec 10, Dec 17Village at Medford, OR10:00 AM – 4:00 PMFree Entry

6) Astoria Christmas Market

The Astoria Christmas Market is a must-visit for holiday enthusiasts. Located at the Astoria Armory, this festive market runs for three Sundays: November 26, December 3, and December 10. It’s a cozy and charming spot where you can pick up handcrafted arts and goods from local and regional vendors.

Each week, more than 60 vendors gather to showcase their unique items. From adorable handmade ornaments to delicious winter produce, you’ll find plenty of treasures to get into the holiday spirit. Plus, it’s a perfect way to support local artisans and farmers.

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The market is family-friendly, with activities for kids and live entertainment to keep everyone engaged. Santa Claus himself is rumored to make an appearance, adding to the magic of the experience.

Make sure to bring your holiday shopping list. The variety of items available will help you check off gifts for everyone you know. And, the friendly atmosphere makes it a pleasant excursion for a Sunday afternoon.

Nov 26, Dec 3, Dec 101636 Exchange St, Astoria, OR10 AM – 3 PMEntry free; vendor prices vary

For more details, visit Astoria Holiday Market.

7) Corvallis Christmas Fair

YouTube video

If holiday shopping and festive vibes excite you, the Corvallis Christmas Fair is a must-visit.

This event showcases a variety of local vendors offering unique crafts, handmade gifts, and delicious food.

It’s a perfect spot to find that one-of-a-kind present for your loved ones.

This fair takes place at the stunning Peavy Forest Science Center, adding a rustic charm to your shopping experience.

The venue is beautifully decorated with holiday lights, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The vendors here range from local artisans to small businesses, all eager to share their holiday creations.

You can find everything from homemade jewelry to seasonal treats. Plus, all proceeds support Rootstock, the College of Forestry’s initiative.

Make sure to arrive early to beat the crowds and get the best picks.

The event even includes festive music performances to get you in the holiday spirit. Bring your friends and family for a delightful day of shopping and holiday cheer.

Dec 8-9, 2023Peavy Forest Science Center, CorvallisDec 8: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Dec 9: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Free Admission

8) Ashland Festival of Light

YouTube video

The Ashland Festival of Light is a magical experience that transforms downtown Ashland, Oregon, into a twinkling wonderland.

The event kicks off with Santa’s Parade, leading Santa and Mrs. Claus from the Ashland Library to the Brickroom Balcony. The procession, complete with elves and reindeer, brings holiday cheer to visitors of all ages.

You can enjoy various activities throughout the festival. These include local artisan booths, live music performances, and festive eats.

Don’t miss the grand illumination, where over one million lights light up Ashland, creating a breathtaking sight.

For those interested in unique and handcrafted gifts, the Ashland Armory Christmas Faire runs in tandem with the festival.

Featuring nearly 50 artists and craftspeople, it’s the perfect place to find that special holiday gift.

Nov 24 – Dec 31, 2023Downtown AshlandVaries, typically eveningsFree to attend

9) Newport Holiday Arts & Crafts Show

The Newport Holiday Arts & Crafts Show is a staple for festive gift-shopping on the Oregon Coast.

Held annually, this event gathers crafters and artists who showcase handmade treasures perfect for the holiday season.

As you stroll through the venue, you’ll find a variety of booths offering unique items.

From intricate ornaments to homemade candles, there’s something for everyone.

Besides shopping, the event is an opportunity to meet local artisans.

They often share stories behind their crafts, making each purchase feel special and connected to the community.

To add to the festive mood, you’ll also enjoy live music and delicious food.

The atmosphere is family-friendly and warmly invites everyone to join in the holiday spirit.

December 20-22, 2024Newport Performing Arts CenterFri & Sat 7 pmFree Admission
 777 W Olive St, Newport, ORSun 2 pm 

10) Seaside Holiday Market

Seaside, Oregon, comes alive with holiday cheer during its annual Seaside Holiday Market.

This local favorite kicks off on the first weekend of December at the Seaside Convention Center.

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Here, you’ll find more than 80 Pacific Northwest artists showcasing their handmade treasures.

Expect to see everything from unique jewelry to beautiful woodworking.

Food lovers are also in for a treat.

The market features delicious goods like fudge, hot cocoa, and other holiday treats. It’s a perfect spot to grab a snack while you shop.

The festive atmosphere is heightened by seasonal decorations and music that fill the air.

It’s an ideal place to pick up gifts and enjoy the holiday spirit.

December 1-2, 2024Seaside Convention Center, 415 First Ave, Seaside, OR10:00 AM – 5:00 PMFree Admission

History of Christmas Markets in Oregon

Christmas markets in Oregon have developed into much-loved annual events.

With deep roots in European traditions, these markets have evolved and grown in popularity over the years, adding unique local twists.

Origins and Traditions

Christmas markets in Oregon draw their inspiration from the traditional markets of Germany and Austria, known as “Weihnachtsmarkt.”

These markets date back to the Late Middle Ages and became a festive way to celebrate the season.

Oregon’s markets started small with local artisans selling their crafts and holiday treats.

Initially, these markets featured simple decorations and modest entertainment such as carolers and small bands.

As Oregon’s communities embraced these events, they began incorporating more elements from their European counterparts.

This included elaborate light displays and more varied food offerings.

These early efforts laid the foundation for what would become a beloved holiday tradition in towns across the state.

Evolution Over the Years

Over time, Oregon’s Christmas markets expanded, both in size and scope.

Local vendors began to offer a wider range of goods, from handcrafted jewelry to gourmet food items.

Each year, organizers introduced new themes and attractions to keep the events fresh and exciting for visitors.

One significant example is the Silverton Christmas Market, which started as “Lights at the Oregon Garden Resort.”

This market now features millions of Christmas lights, live entertainment, and a variety of food and drink options.

Another popular event is the Oregon Garden Holiday Bazaar, set in a picturesque botanical garden and showcasing local artisans.

Today, many Oregon towns host their own unique markets, reflecting local culture and traditions while retaining the magical elements of their European origins.

These events not only bring holiday cheer but also support small businesses and strengthen community bonds.

Cultural Significance

Christmas markets in Oregon are more than just places to shop. They play a vital role in fostering community connections and supporting local artisans, making them a cherished part of the holiday season.

Community Engagement

These markets create a sense of togetherness by bringing people from various backgrounds into a shared festive space.

Events like the Hood River Static Holiday Parade help engage the community, allowing people to interact and celebrate the season together.

This is a time when families, friends, and neighbors come together, creating lasting memories.

The social aspect extends beyond mere attendance.

Many markets host activities that encourage participation, like caroling events or interactive workshops.

This engagement strengthens community bonds and makes the festive season more meaningful.

Local Artisans and Crafts

Oregon Christmas markets are a showcase for local talent.

Artisans from all over the state come to display their unique crafts, from handmade jewelry to intricate woodwork.

Places like the Silverton Christmas Market highlight these local artisans, providing them with a platform to sell their creations.

Supporting these craftspeople is crucial for the local economy.

When you purchase a unique gift, you’re directly supporting an artist and their livelihood.

This emphasis on handcrafted goods also promotes sustainable shopping practices, moving away from mass-produced items.

The diversity and quality of goods available make these markets a treasure trove for one-of-a-kind finds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the best places to experience the magic of Christmas in Oregon. Find out where to go for lively holiday markets, festive lights, and family-friendly activities.

What are the best Christmas markets to visit in Oregon?

Some standout markets include the Portland Christmas Market and the Eugene Holiday Bazaar.

Each offers unique items like handmade crafts and local foods that capture the holiday spirit.

Where can I find holiday markets in Oregon?

You can discover holiday markets in various cities such as Portland, Eugene, Salem, Bend, and Medford.

These markets often feature local vendors, festive events, and holiday decorations.

Which Oregon cities host the most popular Christmas markets?

Portland, Eugene, Salem, Bend, and Medford host the most well-known markets.

Portland’s market is especially celebrated for its size and variety of vendors.

Can you list Oregon Christmas events with lights and festive activities?

The Silverton Christmas Market at the Oregon Garden Resort is a must-visit.

It features over a million colorful lights and paths for a magical experience.

You can also enjoy festive activities in Salem at the Holiday Market at the Fairgrounds.

Are there any notable Christmas markets in the Portland area?

Yes, the Portland Christmas Market is a highlight.

It’s known for its festive ambiance, featuring artisans, food stalls, and live entertainment.

What time of year do Christmas markets typically open in Oregon?

Oregon Christmas markets usually kick off in mid-November and run through December. For example, the Silverton Christmas Market opens from November 22 to December 31, excluding major holidays.

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